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This Journal is closed for now.

Ace will not be returning in 2009, so I have locked the community. If plans surface to hold ACE again outside of Dragon*Con I will reactivate the community.

Atlanta Comics Expo April 21-22, 2007


Click the above link, log into youtube and rate my video. The top videos get selected for the movie and possibly get movie cred! Spread it around! It would be so completely fabulous! C'mon, you know you want to!

Atlanta Comics Expo April 21-22, 2007

Contest Pics?

Has any one posted any pictures from the Costume Contest?  I wanted to share them with some friends that couldn't  be there and were looking for inspiration :)

Atlanta Comics Expo April 21-22, 2007

Atlanta Comic Expo photos

I posted a few photos from Saturday at Atlanta Comics Expo here. More to come when I get my real, non-digital roll developed.

Atlanta Comics Expo April 21-22, 2007

Music requests?

Hey all!

I'll be spinning again at ACE this weekend -- whoo hoo!  So if you have any requests, now would be the time to send 'em my way! 

Just drop them in the comments here and I'll do what I can :)

See everyone this weekend!

DJ Spider

Atlanta Comics Expo April 21-22, 2007

Cosplay On Ice!!!

Attn: Atlanta area cosplayers! Come see and be seen!

Momocon presents:
Cosplayers on Ice!
Who: Open to all
What: Photoshoot, Social Gathering, Ice Skating
When: Saturday Dec 8th, 3pm - 7pm
Where: Centennial Olympic Park - Ice Skating Rink
Cost: Photoshoot (free!), $6 to skate for 1.5 hours, $2 skate rental.
Rink info: http://www.centennialpark.com/events/ice.html

James Garner, the official Momocon photographer, will be conducting the photoshoot...the event promises to bring other coverage as well.

For updates and more information about Momocon:

Repost for Truth! Beauty! Love!

Atlanta Comics Expo April 21-22, 2007

DragonCon Costume Commisions

My good friend Sean Patton is interested in picking up some more commissions for DragonCon costumes. He was the man responsible for my 10th Doctor Costume and can make just about anything. If you are interested in having him work on something for you let me know. He also said he would be willing to just draft patterns for people if they would like to do the work themselves. He has a 10th Doctor Jacket and Suit pattern if anyone is interested. He can also make Superhero outfits.


Atlanta Comics Expo April 21-22, 2007

Wheel of Time Art Contest!

Robert Jordan has announced a competition on his blog (www.dragonmount.com/RobertJordan) where artists will have the opportunity to submit original artwork based on the Wheel of Time® for inclusion in a 2009 calendar! He writes, “I know there is some really professional quality work because I have seen it. Style doesn’t matter in this. Manga, hyper-realism, current cover-art. Whatever. Anything and everything is acceptable as a possibility. It will be the quality that counts, not the style. If you want to try it the way you think Rembrandt would have done it, go for it.”***The competition will run from Tuesday, May 22nd through Wednesday, August 15th,* and the initial judging will be conducted under the supervision of a panel of judges from several popular Wheel of Time® websites including:

Robert Jordan will personally select the top 12 images to appear in a 2009 WHEEL OF TIME® calendar. Winners will also receive a copy of the calendar, along with a signed note from Robert Jordan thanking them for submitting artwork to the competition.


So start thinking about how you would like to conceptualize the characters, locations or events in Robert Jordan Wheel of Time® novels—and get to work! You can find all of the details, including the Official Rules, at www.wheeloftimecalendar.com.

Atlanta Comics Expo April 21-22, 2007


ACE (28)

Batch 2 OF ? There's more..

Atlanta Comics Expo April 21-22, 2007

MySpace Pictures

If you drop by the MySpace for ACE you will find pictures from the weekend and a video of Voltaire.


Atlanta Comics Expo April 21-22, 2007